This is a country map of United Kingdom

The United Kingdom occupies the island of Great Britain in northwest Europe. It consists of a part of Northern Ireland and many adjacent islands. Great Britain is made up of England, Wales and Scotland. The country is mainly flat and hilly with some mountain ranges such as The Cheviots, Pennines, Lake District and the ranges in Wales. The landscape is also very fertile with many river valleys traversing the country. The climate is mild, wet and variable. Agriculture includes sheep and cattle farming, dairy farming, fruit and crops. The United Kingdom produces petroleum and natural gas from reserves in the North Sea and manufactures motor vehicles, aerospace equipment, machinery and chemicals. The service sector namely banking, insurance, finance and tourism play a very important part in the economy. Trade is mainly with the European Union and the capital is London.

Emergency Numbers

Police : 112 / 999

Fire : 112 / 999

Ambulance : 112 / 999

Cities in United Kingdom



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