This is a country map of Turkey

Turkey lies on a large peninsula of southwest Asia and has a coastline on the Mediterranean, Aegean and Black Seas. The country has a region that is situated in southeastern Europe and seperated from Asia by the Bosporous, the Sea of Marmara and the Dardanelles. Turkey has a mountainous and rugged terrain and much of the Asian mainland consists of the semi-arid Anatolian plateau. The coastal areas have a Mediterranean climate and inland the climate is hotter and drier in summers, cold and snowy in winters. Agricultural products are cotton, grain, tobacco, fruit nuts and livestock. The manufacturing sector produces vehicles, textiles, clothing, steel and food products. Tourism is a major industry with up to ten million visitors a year. The main trading partners are Germany and the EU countries. The capital of Turkey is Ankara

Emergency Numbers

Police : 155

Fire : 110

Ambulance : 112

Tourist Police:

- Ankara - 0090 312 384 0606 // Antalya - 0090 242 243 1061

- Istanbul - 0090 212 528 5369 // Izmir - 0090 232 417 3785

Cities in Turkey



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