This is a country map of Spain

Spain lies on the greater part of the Iberian peninsula in southwest Europe. The country has coastlines on the Atlantic and Mediterranean Sea and includes the Balearic islands in the Mediterranean and the Canary islands in the Atlantic. Spain has two enclaves in north Africa; Ceuta and Melilla. The country has numerous mountain ranges including the Pyrenees in the north. Most of the country is on a high plateau drained by the Douro and Tagus rivers The climate is mostly hot in summers and cool in the winters. Agriculture include fruit and wine which is also exported, and the manufacturing sector produces cars, transport equipment and machinery. One of the most important factors in the economy is by far tourism, with approximately fifty million visitors a year. Trade is mainly with other EU countries. The capital is Madrid.

Emergency Numbers

Police : 112 or 092

Fire : 112 or 080

Ambulance : 112 or 061

Guardia Civil : 112 or 062

Cities in Spain

Canary Islands
Mallorca, Balearic Islands


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